Exchange Student, The Episode 2: Point Club Pan Metron Ariston 2007

Point Club is the second game in the point-and-click adventure series following the Italian Emilio Carboni through his exchange student program in Sweden. The story picks up right away where the previous game ended, and an optional short introduction is shown to get up to speed with the events of the previous episode. Emilio has met the Spanish students Pedro and Miguel who tell him about the point game. Together with Mathias, they have to earn points by kissing and having intercourse as many girls as possible. Before Emilio can become part of the game, he needs to show the Spanish students he can pull off a decent prank. Once the point game starts, Emilio will need to find a way to get into the club and get a bike to ride to his fadder meeting. Parts of the scenery of the previous episode are reused and story threads are further explored. Many new scenes, backgrounds and characters have been added. The game uses a mouse-controlled verb coin system to perform actions and it is longer than the previous episode. There is an 'Ints & Tips section to show clues when stuck.
Episode 2 Trial Demo 165MB (uploaded by Game Pressure)
Full Demo 167MB (uploaded by scaryfun)

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