Experiment, The / Experience112 Lexis Numerique / Micro Application 2007

This innovative adventure starts on an old, dilapidated ship that's grounded ashore. A woman, Professor Lea Nichols, awakens in one of the cabins with intravenous tubes in her arms, she is clearly ill. You'll watch her discover a letter and then begin a desperate attempt to escape her locked room. Helpless but clearly NOT alone, she needs your assistance to escape her floating prison. And so begins a shared adventure that you experience through her, while personally remaining in your detached position. You'll need to employ equipment on screen strategically to overcome the many environmental and human challenges facing the woman. Unfortunately, you have no ability to communicate verbally with her, so your influence must be asserted through more subtle measures. At times this will involve simple tasks like opening and closing doors or steam valves, flicking light switches on and off, or ringing a phone. Other times, her safety will require you to take a more direct role by controlling survival systems like water, air, temperature, and electricity, or by distracting enemies that she may not even know exist. As Lea's extended eyes and ears, you'll constantly need to be scouting the path ahead for dangers. The camera system allows you either multiple views of the same place, such as seeing both sides of a closed door, or the ability to watch several places at once. These cameras come with full 3D rotation and zoom capabilities, enabling you to thoroughly search each area, even to the point of reading lips. But you will also need to use light intensifiers, heat detection, thermal vision, and even mobile cameras on remote controlled vehicles in order to fully explore and analyze the environment. Adding yet another layer of challenge to the game is Lea's independence. Although reliant on you to guide her, she does not know who you are, and since she has her own notions, attitudes, and fears, she will not blindly follow your lead. So you'll need to note her reactions, anticipate her decisions, and most importantly, earn and maintain her trust. Your own identity is unknown both to yourself and to Lea at first, but as the game progresses, it will start to become evident through periodic flashbacks. The ship's Intranet comes heavily into play, as you'll gain access to classified files, emails, video logs and other documents dating back to the 1970s that give you clues to understanding your current situation. As an added bonus, the game will offer optional secondary missions through these files. English version is due in January 2008.
French Level Demo 581MB (@ MicroApp) English Demo 606MB ( @ Game Pressure)
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2CD ISO Demo 1.38GB (uploaded by Egon68)

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