Fallen Lords: Condemnation Novarama / Planeta DeAgostini Interactive 2005

This is a 3D fighting adventure set in the Afterworld, a kingdom of endless war as the Forces of Light, the Forces of Darkness and the Souls of the Purgatory battle for the precarious balance of the world. The game takes you beyond your own death. Declare your life, and be assigned the campaign you must follow. If you choose the Light as an Angel, you will experience the struggle of the Armies of Heaven, as you progress from a simple infantry soldier to finally become one of the chosen, the Champion of Angels. Lead the charges of the Cavalry of Virtue, unleash the power of mythical weapons like the Sword of Truth, as you battle to bring light to the world and slay the enemies of Justice. Choose the Dark Side, and become a minion of evil, learning to use all means to expand a reign of chaos and malice to the Afterworld. Slay angels and subjugate the souls of dead men so they all kneel for you, and become slaves of the Lord of Darkness. Advance the story-based levels to gain control over more powerful machines of war, be able to lead a larger army. Capture angels and convert them to the Dark, corrupt the soul of men so they fight on your side. If you believe neither light nor darkness will ever bring the war to an end, why not join the Souls of Purgatory, the army of men dead long ago, who fight for their freedom and a Kingdom of Men beyond the shores of death? Command the mythical creatures of the Afterworld to battle, defeat Angels and Devils, and become the Fallen Lord, ruler of the Afterworld. Dead men will join your march to battle, on foot, riding huge beasts of war, and using weapons the world has never seen. It's the ultimate third person fighting experience: fight large groups alone or with an army that responds to your commands with an intuitive interface, ride fantastic creatures and vehicles, and unlock new character and weapons as you progress. Learn new fighting moves as you advance, using more than fifty different weapons. Fight as any of the three sides, or play with your friends in cooperative and competitive multiplayer mode. And when you think the battle is over, get working with the bundled level editor or share them for an open-ended universe where war never ends.
Spanish Level Demo 232MB (uploaded by GameWatcher)
ISO Demo 558MB (uploaded by Scaryfun)

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