Faust / Seven Games of The Soul Anne Carrière Multimedia, Arxel Tribe / Cryo Interactive Entertainment / DreamCatcher Interactive Inc. 1999

In this dark adventure game you play as an old black man, Marcellus Faust. In an old theme park, now condemned and abandoned because of numerous disappearances which happened there, you meet Mepistopheles, the Devil himself. Mepistopheles is not your typical red devil; he is instead a charismatic, charming and mysterious man. From there, your quest begins. The Devil asks you to help him: he had a quarrel with God (or the Boss, as he calls him) about whether or not 7 souls who lived here during the 1930 Depression era should be condemned. You have to investigate on their lives in the past and find evidences of their acts: the decision will be based on your findings. During your inquiry, you will discover the dark side and the worst of the human nature. These seven lives were touched by temptations, lust and greed, and you'll have to understand how they can lead to crimes. The whole game is composed of 3D rendered environments in which you can rotate to 360°.
4CD ISO Demo 2.59GB (uploaded by Scaryfun)
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Multi-7 DVD9 ISO Demo split into 2 DVD5 ~5.29GB (uploaded by Meddle)
Full Demo with Custom Installer to run on modern o/s 2.8GB (uploaded by Internet Archive Software Collection)

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