Feeble Files, The Adventure Soft Publishing Ltd. 1997

This is a humorous point and click adventure game from the creator of the Simon the Sorcerer series of games. You play an alien called Feeble (who is voiced by Robert Llewyllyn, best known for his role in the science-fiction sitcom, Red Dwarf). He lives in a world controlled by the Omni-Brain, which aims to keep everybody happy and successful. As such, unhappy people are killed, and over a million laws exist. Feeble works for the Ministry of Galactic Uncertainty's crop-circle division, which involves creating crop circles on less advanced planets than his own, as a way to cause panic on those planets and stifle their intellectual development. As Feeble, your goal is to overthrow this system. Devious behaviour is required to achieve this. Over 5000 lines of spoken dialogue are included, as well as 80 locations. All the PC versions of The Feeble Files used the Smacker format for cutscenes, which isn't lossless compression. The 2CD version used improved Smacker compression, but at the cost of overall video quality. There is a clear visual difference between cutscenes in the 2CD and 4CD versions. There are nine extra cutscenes in the 4CD version of the pilot and docking controller arguing at Metro Prime.
ScummVM Version Full Demo (uploaded by nanette)
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2CD ISO Demo (upped by Egon68)
4CD ISO Demo 2.35GB (uploaded by scaryfun)

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