Filmmaker, The Unimatrix Productions 2010

This is a first-person supernatural adventure in the style of games such as Myst and The 7th Guest, with a heavier emphasis on exploration and puzzles. In the mailbox, you discover an unusual envelope from the Carson Stiles Gateway Theater. Odd, considering that the theater had been shut down years ago when the entire staff was gruesomely murdered, supposedly by the owner himself, who then took his own life. Inside the envelope is a letter telling you about the grand premiere of a new Claude Ferucil film, entitled Primal AtmosFear. Included are two tickets to the event. Excited, you call your best friend to tell him about the movie. The two of you agree to go to opening night, where you will return to the Carson Stiles Gateway Theater for the first time in years. As well exploring the rest of the haunted Carson Stiles Gateway Theatre while trying to solve its dark secrets, players will get to go inside several movies playing there as well, as the game attempts to "re-create the mood of classic Hollywood 'B-movies'". In Dec/2016, a remake using a free-to-use game engine called Storycentric Worlds was released. It uses an illustrated text format with no parser for inputting one's own commands; instead, player interaction occurs though predetermined text choices unique to each scenario, including inventory use, and will contain more than 400 pieces of original artwork, 76,000 words and an hour-long soundtrack. Unlock 25 achievements to view a special post-game bonus scene. Experience 6+ hours of content – a true "B-movie" experience.
2016 Remake - Level Demo 36MB (uploaded by Official Site)
2016 Remake Screenshots/Video
Level Demo 537MB (uploaded by Adventure's Planet)
DVD ISO Demo 4.53GB (uploaded by Egon68)

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