Flash Traffic: City Of Angels Tsunami Games / Time Warner Interactive 1994

A DEA team raids an apartment in the City of Angels. Among the requisite drugs and crazed loonies, the team discovers something far more chilling: "The place was used to build a nuclear bomb," to quote your FBI sidekick, Sawyer. As if that isn't bad enough, the bomb is gone and in the hands of a crazy German terrorist who is planning to set it off somewhere in the city. And considering your first lead is the terrorist's ex-girlfriend, stopping him isn't going to be easy. And so you're off, watching FMV sequences and occasionally deciding between three dialogue choices in situations ranging from orders to SWAT teams to interrogating some of the terrorists' bomb-making cronies. It's a full-length, interactive feature film, by Chuck Pfarrer, creator of Navy SEALs and Hard Target. This wide-screen, all video techno-thriller comes on 3 action-packed CD-ROM discs, and was filmed on location throughout L.A. It has explosive special effects, multiple evolving storylines, and ever-changing gameplay for replayability.
3CD ISO Demo 960MB (uploaded by Scaryfun)
MPEG 3CD ISO Demo (higher video quality) 518+604+580MB (uploaded by Old-Games.ru)

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