Fog Fall 1-4, The Mateusz Skutnik / Pastel Games 2008

This is another escape the room series from the creators of favorites such as the Submachine series, Covert Front and Daymare Town. The Fog Fall (Apr/2008) You are an unnamed, unknown survivor of a nuclear holocaust, eking out a meager existence with your family in a bomb shelter-like house, struggling against the inevitable knowledge of your own impending mortality. A lonely life, really, sadly mundane. Until, one night, you wake up with a strange feeling in your belly, and look out to see the house surrounded by fog. This is a fantastically atmospheric game. With its references to the Cuban Missile Crisis and the 1950's gone awry, it meshes beautifully with Mateusz's style. It is a vision of an alternate outcome of a frightening, uncertain time. The Fog Fall 2 (Apr/2009) begins right where you left off, standing victorious on the grassy ground above. Apocalyptic war zones are never a place to hang around and celebrate, however, and so your quest continues with a broken-down truck, a few well-dressed soldiers, and some mutants hiding in the fields. A townsfolk or two provide a helping hand. The Fog Fall 3 (Aug/2010) - Your journey hits a rather baffling roadblock that leaves you stranded in the middle of nowhere. You might be able to finally reach your destination if you're willing to do some people a few favours... but who can you trust in the wasteland? Then again, do you really have a choice? Wwere the game absolutely excels its atmosphere. The world is a harsh, gloomy place, and the old buildings you explore feel ruined and desolate in a way that can make you tense even when there isn't any danger around. The Fog Fall 4 (July/2012) - Your relief at seeing another person is shortlived when a blow to the back of the head knocks you unconscious before helping themselves to your gear. Turns out post-apocalyptia is as unfriendly as ever, and if you want to find your equipment and continue your journey you'll have to uncover some secrets and appease the locals. New author Daniel Gizicki fleshes out the setting quite a bit more.
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