Forever Worlds: Enter The Unknown Hexagon Entertainment / The Adventure Company 2004

When world famous paleontologist, Doc Maitland, finds the powerful, mythic tree he's been searching for all his life, he has no idea of the enormous extent of its power. When he vanishes, his daughter Nancy and her partner, Doctor Jack Lanser, archaeological detective, pick up the Doc's trail in the deep jungle of the Amazon headwaters. While trying to find his senior mentor, Jack gets caught by a spell of a different nature and must find his own way through a chain of non-parallel dimensions and figure out how to prevent it all from taking place before it even happens. In danger of being lost for an eternity, Jack has to find his way through a strange and amazing universe to save himself and Doc Maitland from the Forever Worlds. This is a 1st person perspective adventure game transports the player into a series of surreal and immersive worlds where magic and fantasy merge with subtle humor and beautiful images in a fantastical and unique storyline. Intuitive interfaces and navigation combine with an extensive inventory of collected items and numerous puzzles. A game combining time travel to and exploration of exotic and unique locations. The Virtool Engine allows for photorealistic graphics and many special effects. There's unusual creatures and characters to talk to and interact with.
ISO Demo (uploaded by Meddle & provided by nanette) 644MB

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