Frankenstein: Through the Eyes of the Monster Amazing Media / Interplay Entertainment Corp. 1995

Between life and death, man and monster, lies the true test of the human heart. With a crash of lightning, you are reborn to a world of haunted memories and science is pushed beyond the bounds of nature. Your thoughts come slowly, like distant echoes and the mystery of your existence pulls at your mind. An ancient castle of dark secrets and hidden terrors. A strange crystal that glows with life itself. The burning memory of a child long thought dead and a discovery that crosses the boundaries between life and death. Tim Curry, of Rocky Horror Picture Show fame, stars in this classic monster tale reborn with a wicked twist... you are the monster. From your first waking thoughts, to the crazed ranting of your creator, you will see, hear and experience an adventure like nothing before. Move freely through an amazingly realistic world. Search books and notes for clues to your past. Explore the secrets and science of Frankenstein's lab and experience the dark temptations that lie within the power of creation. Adventure gaming combines with character interaction and puzzle solving to create a challenging and emotionally driven experience. The game is state-of-the-art stunning, featuring live actors, digitized speech and extremely realistic 3-D environments. Digitized sound effects are accompanied by stirring music that reflects both situation and setting.
ISO Demo 329MB (uploaded by Egon68)
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Frankenstein: Mit den Augen des Monsters - German ISO Demo 315MB (uploaded by Vitali80)
Full Demo with DOSBox 422MB (uploaded by Internet Archive Software Collection)
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