Freedom Force Irrational Games / Crave Entertainment, Inc., Electronic Arts, Inc. 2002

What do you get when you cross the RPG battles of Diablo with comic book characters? The answer is Freedom Force, a tactical role playing game which allows you to create and customize your own super heros. Along with the ability to create your own skins, names and super power attributes, you can take your team of super heros out in the town to defeat countless enemies, improving the experience points of your character. All of the buildings and items in each city are destructible and you can throw most items at your enemy. The single player campaign starts with you taking control of Frank Stiles. Frank overhears a conversation between two scientists about a secret experiment. The scientists discover Frank and leave him to die by a glowing statue. Luckily for Frank, the statue turns him into Minuteman, and now you must stop the scientists from getting away. As you dive deeper into the story, you will gain team-mates, each with their own special powers, and even more deadly enemies to defeat.
Level Demo 87MB (uploaded by Game Pressure)
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ISO Demo 552MB Bonus Characters Disc 93MB (uploaded by Egon68)
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Fan-Made Maps/Mods

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