Full Moon in San Francisco Alternative Games 2002

Pick your character's gender, their characteristics, how much money to start with - even their type of pet - in this point-and-click adventure game. Selections you make in the beginning of the game have an impact on how the game is played out from start to finish. A San Francisco investigative agency has a job opening for a private eye and your application is accepted - with a catch. Do well on your first case and the job is yours. The case you are assigned sounds simple enough .. find who is behind the theft of a valuable piece of artwork. You are left to your own resources, however, when everyone in the agency heads off to work on another case and the office is locked up. The story gradually deepens, you find yourself knee-deep in not only the theft case, but also in a suspenseful murder investigation. The game contains mystery, magic and humor along with puzzle-solving. The static, hand-drawn graphics appear in slide-show fashion, but react to what you do in the game. Features include background music, sound effects and voice-overs.
ISO Demo 567MB (uploaded by Egon68)
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