Future Boy General Coffee Company Film Productions, The 2004

This is an adventure game unlike any you've ever played. It's more than interactive fiction — it's an interactive comic book, combining the excellent writing, rich story, and sophisticated game world of the best classic interactive fiction adventure games with original animation, illustrations, and music, plus a host of unique and unforgettable characters. Who is Future Boy? He's an honest-to-goodness, leaping-tall-buildings-in-a-single-bound superhero, and the masked, cape-wearing protector of Rocket City. And you...are his roommate. But when Future Boy is captured by self-proclaimed criminal supergenius Clayton Eno, who is left to save Rocket City and everyone in it, without the benefit of superpowers, using only quick-thinking and a knack for overcoming obstacles in unexpected ways? You, that's who.
Level Demo ~36Mb ( @ Download CNET)
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Hybrid PC/MAC ISO Demo 342MB (uploaded by Macintosh Garden)

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