Geheimprojekt DMSO [G] Art Department Werbeagentur GmbH / Merckle GmbH 1993

Another adware game from Germany's mid-90's marketing beehive The Art Department, Geheimprojekt DMSO ("Secret Project DMSO") features the generic private eye, the generic adventure setting and a lot of painkiller ointments, all ingeniously united on the game's cover illustration. DMSO is short for Dimethyl-Sulphoxide, the prime ingredient of Merckle Pharma's Dolobene(TM) and Rheumabene(TM) ointments, and thus a likely target for scheming international criminals. As detective Jack Bene, you travel through Europe in search for the formula, solving simple puzzles and using a fair amount of ointments on your way. This DMSO is freeware, was published in German and Germany only, and features the exact ingredients of 100 g Dolobene(TM) and 100 g Rheumabene(TM) on no less than three manual pages.
German Full Freeware(@ Adventure Treff)
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German Full Freeware1MB (@ Adventure Archiv)
Floppy Disk Image ISO 1MB (uploaded by scaryfun)

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