Gobliiins 4 Société Pollene / Kalypso Media 2009

This is the long-awaited fourth part of the weird, wacky and funny adventure game series, Gobliiins. King Balderone, ruler off the Goblins' world, is miserable because his favourite pet, Riri, has suddenly run away. Three diminutive but clever detectives: Stucco, who can push things; Tchop, who manages the inventory; and Purlius, caster of spells, receive a Royal order from their King. Their mission is to find Riri, and prove to King Balderone that Riri is happier now than when he was living with the King. Their quest to find Riri turns out to be more adventurous and complicated than the three detectives expected, even though Stucco, Tchop and Purlius are close on the pet orycterope's heels. In their quest they have to solve many challenging riddles as well as defending themselves from dangerous monsters.
Level Demo 99MB (uploaded by Game Pressure)
Clone ISO Demo 610MB (uploaded by Egon68)
ISO Demo 596MB (uploaded by Egon68)

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