Gooka: The Mystery of Janatris Centauri Production / Cenega Publishing, s.r.o. 2004

Plunge into the fantastic world of Janatris, reigned by strong arms, quick thinking and mental powers. Along with the main hero Gooka, face adversity and save your family from the grip of unsuspecting enemies. Gooka is a respected Judge in the capital city of Parenti, whose success and convictions have earned him high respect from the law abiding citizens. He possesses telepathic abilities, allowing him to see into the minds of others and even affect their actions – a very helpful skill for fighting against the growing evilness on Janatris. The story starts when Gooka returns home after one of his journeys. He is an esteemed judge in the capital city of Parenti. He looks forward to reuniting with his wife and young son Yorimar and to a quiet and contented life. The unexpected happened. He finds his house in ruins; his wife Lidra injured, and his son vanished. He must set out on an arduous journey to restore Lidra's health and rescue his son. It is a journey on which far more awaits him than could ever have been foretold. There was an earlier game based on this comic book character in Czech only. The game is an unbelievable combination of 3D adventure game and RPG fighting system. The unique turn based RPG system has simplicity and intuitiveness to aid in its fabulous playability. The dynamic camera control allows for a full cinematic experience - storytelling and action. The variability of environment - using day, night, rain, wind, dynamic lights and shadows create the desired atmosphere. There's 49 breathtaking locations split into 4 separate episodes from storage room to complex labyrinth. The unique graphics style has a hand drawn design converted to 3D projection. Overcome the challenges in the game by patient investigation and, if necessary, also by a cold-blooded fight.
Level Demo 56MB (uploaded by Game Pressure)
ISO Demo (uploaded by Scaryfun & provided by nanette) 500MB
Digital Download ISO Demo v1.0.1 365MB (uploaded by Shattered)

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