Gothos Mindmeld Multimedia, Inc. / Microforum 1997

Gothos is an interactive mystery adventure on 3 CDs. Vampire clans from around the world are gathering, and rumors are circulating that the ancient Scrolls of the First Blood have been unearthed. You play as a male or female vampire and are sent by your Coven into Gothos to investigate. Once inside Gothos you will meet the city's many inhabitants. Some will be exactly as they appear to be, but others will be involved in the web of deceit and corruption that must be unraveled to complete your mission. The game is created with Macromedia Director and uses Quicktime for the FMV sequences. Gameplay consists of point-and-click sequences, shown from a first-person perspective. The game screen is surrounded by a large border that contains a blood bar that needs to be fed, a compass, a picture of the avatar (there are four characters to choose from, which do not affect the gameplay except for some sexually explicit dialogue), a compass, and icons for the inventory. Puzzle are often based on the choices during conversations, with different attitudes towards other characters. The game has multiple ending depending on who you have allied yourself with and who you have eaten. A map can be used to travel to the different locations. There are a few dead ends and it is possible to die. Find the five Blood Scrolls but choose your friends carefully, claim victory or end up dead on the Deceiver's sacrificial alter.
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3CD ISO Demo 1.84GB (uploaded by Internet Archive Software Collection)
Full Demo with DOSBox 1.3GB (uploaded by Internet Archive Software Collection)

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