Gravity Angels 2: The Betrayal Brilliant Digital Entertainment 1998

This is one game in a series of Multipath Movies(TM) by Brilliant Digital Entertainment. These games are pure interactive movies that display a movie that allows for the player to select among multiple paths at opportune junctures of the storyline. In that way, the game is a "choose your own adventure" movie. Unlike other games of the interactive movie genre, which generally display the movie bits using pre-rendered full motion video, this game renders 3D models of the movie in real time. The location is Ganymede, Jupiters icy moon in the year 2098. Millions of lives may depend on what you do right now. Ganymede has become a hero's death trap, as earths biggest corporate conglomerate has begun killing anyone who threatens to reveal their dark, dangerous secret! Your choice can save the earth if you act now.
ISO Demo 577MB (uploaded by Egon68)
Brilliant 3D Projector (to play videos on seperate player) 1.1MB (uploaded by TheQuality)

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