Great Escape Series, The Mateusz Skutnik / Pastel Games 2008

This is an excellent series of escape the room type games. The Great Kitchen Escape (Jan/2008) You start off staring at an extremely colorful kitchen that looks like it was lifted straight from a cartoon. Click the arrows to move around the room and use the mouse to interact with objects and gather items. It's an easy point and click game that scores major points for its artwork and slightly wacky puzzles. It's a very short game and not very difficult, but the visuals, music and atmosphere are just so fun you won't be able to help yourself. The Great Living Room Escape (Apr/2008) - What do a hamster, an umbrella, and half a pair of glasses have in common? This is filled with brightly-colored art, zany items, and excellent point and click room escape gameplay. The animations are fluid and packed with charm. The only real drawback is its length: five to ten minutes, tops. The Great Bathroom Escape (Aug/2008), The Great Basement Escape (Oct/2008), The Great Bedroom Escape (Dec/2008), The Great Attic Escape (Apr/2009) are all similar colorful and fun cartoon escape the room games. The Great House Escape (Apr/2009) - Finally we find out why we have been trapped in so many different rooms. Apparently there have been ghosts at every turn, slamming doors and locking us in various areas of the house, and now it's up to you do deal with those ghosts, once and for all. It takes the locale from each of the six previous installments, plus hallways connecting them all, and turns them into one big final "great escape" game.
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