Great Journey: Mr. Penguin's Letter Rebelmind / Meridian4 2006

In this colorful ecological kids adventure, Tony and Annie live in Old Port which still remembers times of great sailing ships and brave people who used to sail them. They get a letter from a friend saying that somebody has been bringing garbage to our clean land and they can't catch him. Professor Glass has an airplane. Find him and come with him to us, to the South Pole. Professor is conducting a research on one of the islands in the South Seas. Discover beautifully rendered backgrounds and vividly animated real-time 3D characters. Take your pick; choose to play as Annie or Tony as they start out on this Great Journey. It has an ecological storyline with NO violence. Great Journey promotes empathy and understanding of today's environmental issues. There's 5 chapters full of adventure and more than 30 locations from all over the world. Start from the old port town, then sail to sandy Africa and later visit lush, tropical jungle at Crocodile Island. Next, find your way to the mysterious Easter Island and eventually prepare for a dramatic finale on icy Antarctica. 7 mini-games will provide lots of action for everyone. Play soccer with an African shaman, save the port from a garbage flood, feed the monkey, photograph whales and do lots of other crazy stuff.
ISO Demo (upped by Scaryfun & provided by nanette) 345MB

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