GROM: Terror in Tibet Rebelmind / CDV Software Entertainment AG 2002

During World War II, Hitler's Third Reich sought out and pilfered art and wealth, hording their stolen booty in secret strongholds. This game takes place during that time. In 1942, special German forces have invaded Tibet and are searching for more to add to their Führer's arsenal - the 12 "miracle" weapons of King Arunja in an undiscovered "Lost City". One of these weapons, according to legend, could obliterate major cities, wiping them off the face of the earth. You take the part of Colonel Grom, a member of the Polish army fighting the Nazis during World War II. Grom is a seasoned and shrewd commander who has his own personal score to settle with the Germans. GROM is billed as a combination Action/Adventure/RPG. It is very much like a "point and click adventure", but it includes a good dose of real-time combat action. You will be selecting characters, moving them, setting their positions and managing their inventories. Travelling between the various locations is handled by way of a country map. Upon your travels you’ll meet many people — American and British soldiers, shopkeepers, merchants and, of course, some more hostile characters - The Nazis.
Level Demo 204MB (uploaded by Game Pressure)
2CD ISO Demo (uploaded by neo_viral)

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