Haluz 1 & 2 Springtail Studio 2006

This is a Flash adventure game series from Slovakia. Haluz is a game of the point-and-click variety that contains several scenes and a variety of simple puzzles that must be solved to advance. What do you do when a very large bird makes off with your rooftop satellite dish? Well, use the resources around you to your best advantage and get it back. Haluz is a beautiful game within its class and the closest to come to the stunning imagery seen in Samorost, which is without a doubt the inspiration behind this game. Although similar in appearance, the puzzles here pale in comparison and are sometimes awkward and confusing as to what must be done. For example, the very first and last scenes can take quite a bit of time before figuring out what to do. Still, if you love games like this you will likely enjoy Haluz, too. In 2007 the sequel Haluz 2 was released at first for a modest price, but later in February 2008 it was released for free. You attempt to guide a character through the environment by clicking on-screen objects. For example, in order to move a makeshift elevator to the top of a tree, you might have to wake a sleeping bird at the right time, flip a switch, or do something even more creative. It's very Rube Goldberg-esque at times, and you can't help but smile at some of the solutions to these odd puzzles. Overall, the levels aren't very difficult to solve, it's usually just a matter of finding what to click and then clicking it at the right time or in the right order. But Haluz isn't about bending your brain, it's about the sheer delight of navigating a beautifully rendered world and grinning along the way. It's a treat for your eyes and ears.
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Haluz Free Browser-Playable Flash Game (@ Official Site)
Haluz 2 Free Browser-Playable Flash Game (@ Official Site)
Russian ISO Demo 511MB (uploaded by scaryfun)

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