Hamlet: A Murder Mystery Castle Rock Entertainment / EMME Interactive 1997

As young Hamlet, you must avenge the death of your father and become the new King of Denmark. You enter the court of Elsinore Palace to find clues about the mastermind that is behind the corruption in Denmark. Your task is to kill the murderer but to prevent the deaths of innocents. The game includes 40 minutes of full-screen film clips from the Kenneth Branagh film version of Hamlet. The game has a few mild arcade scenes, such as the duel scene at the end. You can play the game "to be" or "not to be". If you choose "not to be", you access the complete and unabridged text of the original Hamlet play, linked to fifteen Books of Lore that give commentary and insights into the Renaissance world. You can switch between the two options at any time you like.
ISO Demo 606MB (uploaded by scaryfun)

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