Hobbit, The Beam International / Melbourne House 1983

One of the first computer games based on Tolkien's works and from an Australian company, based on his first Middle Earth novel The Hobbit. The game follows the book's plot very closely, as you guide Frodo's ancestor Bilbo the hapless Hobbit and his band of equally clueless neighbors into their first grand adventure. Most versions were sold with a paperback edition of "The Hobbit". The game was revolutionary for its time, with vibrant graphics, big vocabulary, and surprisingly robust NPC interaction. Unusually for a text adventure, the game was also in real time - if you left the keyboard for too long events continued without you. The game reached Number 1 best-selling position throughout Europe, and was converted to most computer formats. Across all platforms, the game sold in excess of one million copies. In the United States, it was published a few years after its original appearance as The Hobbit Software Adventure, a much extended and improved version. This version is the first part of The Tolkien Software Adventure Series. The popularity of the game has inspired many parodies of it including The Boggit, An Everyday Tale of a Seeker of Gold, The Tebbit and Hobbit - The True Story. In addition, there is a German simplified BASIC version of the game called Der kleine Hobbit.
Full Demo (@ Juego Viejo)
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Full Demo (@ XTC Abandonware)
Browser-playable Java Spectrum version ( @ Twinbee)
Freeware 2008 Remake ( @ Official Site)

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