Hope Springs Eternal: A Carol Reed Mystery MDNA Games / Merscom 2005

We first met Carol Reed in the game Remedy, and here she is again, still in Norkopping in Sweden having taken over her friend, Conrad's, detective agency. Despite having put an ad in the paper seeking clients, business is not exactly booming, but a concerned call leads to an investigation that involves more than an absent person. The game is a home grown product in every sense of the word, and again utilises the Adventure Maker software. Like Remedy before it, photos of the maker's home town have been used to create all the settings, but these have been touched up to resemble watercolour paintings. There are about 5 straight out puzzles Carol will need to complete, and quite a few tasks which must be overcome by finding and using the correct inventory items. It's a pleasant little adventure game. There is no adrenaline pumping action scene. There are no hair pulling puzzles which prevent you from continuing. You cannot die and I'm not sure if you can even get stuck. It is laid back and charming.
ISO Demo 397MB (uploaded by zobraks)
Level Demo 26Mb ( @ Official Site)
ISO Demo 395MB (uploaded by Egon68)
included in Carol Reed 1-3 Full Demo installers to run on modern o/s 1.10GB (uploaded by EuroFan98)

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