Gigglebone Gang, The: Infinity City Headbone Interactive 1996

This third GiggleBone Gang cd takes kids, ages four to eight, to a city where players experience math in an everyday context by causing hundreds of math related interactions. Photographs, stories, songs and games all set the stage for a real life learning adventure. There are 10 different locations in Infinity City, and within each location are five different activities - each hosted by a GiggleBone Gang character made famous in the earlier titles, AlphaBonk Farm, and Pantsylvania. Returning a third time to host the kids-favorite 'Poke 'n Prod' activities is Bunji the frog. She gives kids 10 play areas full of photographic objects that children can move and control. For instance, at "the Hospital", you can weigh and measure patients, or go shopping in "the Market" and learn all about money and counting. Svelte Velma the Swine, also a favorite from GiggleBone Gang titles past, has pulled out her camera and snapped a collection of photos at 10 well-chosen locations around the city. More than 50 interactive photos and games illustrate hidden math concepts and develop counting skills. Monkie-Sue, seen earlier in Pantsylvania, demystifies story problems for the young by taking kids on 10 interactive adventures around Infinity City, where they'll be tasked with figuring out things like which tire is the right size for their car, or which parts they'll need from the junkyard to build a boat. Two new characters introduced in Infinity City are Zack the taxi driver, and Chester the Raccoon. Zack belts out 10 original songs, each on a critical math topic, and Chester involves kids in 10 mix and match sorting games.
ISO Demo 379MB ( uploaded by Scaryfun)

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