Journey's End Bright Light Productions / Crystal Interactive, Inc. 2001

This is a 1st-person roleplaying and action adventure in 1st-person 3d view. You play a bounty hunter in a medieval fantasy world, called Ellysium. Having worked for both the good guys as well as the bad guy in the past, you neutral position has now come to an end. A long-forgotten evil reaches out one last time for eternal power. Use your reflexes, wits, and magical items to follow the path of light, or that of darkness. There's 100's of items to collect, use, and trade- including armors, spells, magical weapons, and more. Battle hordes of fantasy creatures: from gigantic fire-breathing dragons, to Goblins, Orcs, Necromancers, and many more. Optional hidden side quests enhance your character's power. Dynamic branching storyline is told through in-game events and pre-rendered cut scenes. You can play Journey's End in singleplayer or multiplayer mode (over IPX, Internet, or phone2phone). The game is completely editable. You can make your own RPG's. Tutorials are included to teach the ways of RPG creation.
Level Demo ~52Mb ( @ File Planet)
ISO Demo 456MB (uploaded by Egon68)

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