Julia: Innocent Eyes [It] Artematica / Warner Bros Interactive Entertainment 2010

Based on the well known Julia character created by Giancarlo Berardi, in the world of comics published by Sergio Bonelli. The game will be released in three volumes. Episode 1: Parole non Dette (September 24) On Halloween night, Judge Howard's daughter is killed in the garage of his home. The body was found just days after the girl's parents who are unable to contact by phone, decide to return early from their vacation. Investigations of Julia and Lieutenant Webb from the house of Howard. It is a crime of passion or a retaliation against the girl's father on a recent verdict by Judge Howard? Episode 2: Istinto Predatore (October 22) The second day of investigation starts from Julia's house. It also adds Sergeant Irving performing some office tasks will manage to provide useful information to complete the investigation. New cases of suspects open to other people involved in the story. Episode 3: Lacrime Nere (November 26) The third day sees Julia's investigation, Lt. Webb and Sergeant Irving joined by Leo Baxter. The team is now complete and on the turn took the investigations, to speed up, even Lieutenant convince you to accept the help of private detective. When all roads seem to have been blocked the unexpected happens.
Italian/Ukranian DVD ISO Demo 3.07GB (uploaded by scaryfun)
Parole non Dette / Istinto Predatore / Lacrime Nere - Italian DVD ISO Demos 2.17GB / 2.32GB / 2.54GB (uploaded by Shattered)
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Julia: Tödliches Verlangen Special Edition - English Updated Translation 3.77MB (uploaded by rastan saga)
German DVD ISO Demo 3.77GB (uploaded by Thircase)

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