Kingdom: The Far Reaches Virtual Image Productions / Interplay Productions 1996

Rick Dyer, the creator of 'Dragon's Lair' (now housed in the Smithsonian Museum) designed this beautiful award winning game. It is a grand and glorious fairytale: an epic quest reminiscent of Tolkien that can be enjoyed by both adults and children. It's a revised version of the arcade game Thayer's Quest. In this adventure game, step into the shoes of Lathan Kandor, a young boy, to defeat the evil Black Wizard. Lathan will find help from his mentor, the mighty magician Daelon. Explore the fantasy lands of the Far Reaches and retrieve three of the five pieces of the ancient relic called The Hand of Mobus. Talk to a variety of characters, collect objects and solve adventure type problems and puzzles. It features mouse control, video animations, cartoon-like graphics, an in-game travel map and original music which can be turned off if desired. This is a 3rd person, point and click game with inventory (your pouch). It is set in a wonderful Medieval- looking world of enchanted castles and forests, wizards and magic. The story is engrossing, the voices are great, and the music is stirring. And the graphics are absolutely astounding: Disney-quality flawless animation with over 57,000 hand-painted animation cells! The feeling is one of being in the middle of an interactive movie in the theater. The story was continued in another game called Kingdom Book 2: Shadoan. The 1997 Windows/MAC re-release had better resolution of 424 × 320 pixels in size, which is much larger than 224 × 144 for DOS.
Hybrid PC Windows/MAC ISO Demo 452MB (uploaded by Egon68)
DOS ISO Demo 248MB (uploaded by

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