KrabbitWorld Labyrinth KrabbitSoft Studios 2006

This is a fully 3D action/adventure game with RPG style buildable characters containing over 20 quests spanning over 11 levels. Port Kindarel has been destroyed by a dark force known as the NecroTechs. Who are they and where did they come from? It's up to you to find out. Rescue townsfolk and help rebuild Port Kindarel. Find the 7 KaRaJules and be teleported to the Labyrinths to discover the secret behind the NecroTechs. What you find there will forever change the future of all Krabbits including yourself. As Kria, your goal is to get this device and stop Teella from getting it. As Teella your goal is to get the device and control the NecroTechs. As Krei your goal is to learn whats going on and help Kria defeat Teella. As OGRE your goal is to catch up with Kria & defeat Teella. You can build and level each of these characters and they will grow in power and size. More characters will be added over the next few months and more quests. They are highly customizable Krabbits and there's 34 unique animations and 4 unique powers per character. There's dynamic beat'em up hack'n'slash style combat, breakable stuff, magical items, 13 monsters and mad spawn, 4 levels of difficulty, weather fx, otherworldly environments, and a 35 minute original music score in single or multiplayer games with 40+ hours of game play.
Level Demo v1.0 152MB (uploaded by Absolute Games)

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