Law & Order: Dead on the Money Legacy Interactive Inc. / The Adventure Company 2002

The game is based on the hit TV show "Law & Order". The game consists of two parts. The Investigation and the Trial. In the Investigation part, the player is the partner of Lennie Briscoe as you collect evidence, question witnesses, etc. And in the Trial part you are the assistant to Serena Southerlyn and try to convict the suspect based on the evidence collected in the first part. Depending on how well you do in the Investigation part of the game the Trial part will be easier/harder. The game's plot revolves around the murder of a Wall Street stock broker who was killed in Central Park while jogging.
3CD ISO Demo 1.51GB (uploaded by Scaryfun)
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U.S. Clone 2CD ISO Demo 1.23GB (uploaded by Egon68)

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