Legacy: Dark Shadows Razbor Studios / Tri Synergy, Inc. 2004

An ex-cop and now fledgling P.I., Ren Silver has set up shop in an old warehouse. Her cases haven't been much to speak of (finding lost pets, unfaithful spouses etc.), until now. While vacationing on the planet Mars, Ren unwittingly becomes involved in a "legacy" of deception and a "dark" quest for intergalactic domination. You'll play Ren in 3rd person perspective as she meets over 25 speaking characters and explores locations on Earth and beyond. Find and use over 80 objects and solve adventure-type puzzles as you explore. The seeds of the story begin in 1930 with the creation of a cell regeneration substance developed by Japanese scientists. Early research is only partially successful - none of the human subjects lived past 10 days. A decade later the solution and all research documents are shipped by plane to Germany's Institute of Hereditary Biology for further development and hopeful completion. On its way, the plane crashes and the wreckage is found by photo-journalist Jevgenij Borisov in the Stalingrad war zone. It will take him over 35 years to completely understand and finish the serum. Jevgenij injects it into himself and becomes immortal. As the years pass, he becomes very rich and extremely powerful. The year 2100 finds him utterly unsatisfied with the workings of the world and his despicable plot begins. Will Ren be able to stop him?
Level Demo 119MB (uploaded by Game Pressure)
3CD ISO Demo1143MB (upped by Egon68)

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