Legend of Kyrandia 3: Malcolm's Revenge Westwood Studios / Virgin Interactive Entertainment, Inc. 1994

Everyone blamed evil jester Malcolm for his deeds, how he turned everyone to stone (which was true), and how he killed King and the Queen (which is absolutely not true, and you'll prove that). The game has three different endings, and at the end credits, you'll see how the Westwood Team combined with painted Malcolm. It's crazy marvelous. Now, it's your turn to tell the world your side of the truth. You will be helped by your bad memories aided by unconsciousness, and later in the game, you'll be determined to choose between the good and the bad one. This game has many paths; you can go to the jungle in six different ways: as a Pegasus, via the magic carpet, as a desguised fish-circus captain, ... you follow me? The graphics are advanced from the first two games, and the music is not the mystic one, but this music is really a happy type of music. Anyway, it suits with the game and Malcolm's jokes. Now, you start at the end of the first part. You remember when Brandon turned you into stone (as you did to every villager on this island), and finally, the moment of glory comes. The thunderbolt strikes you, and pushes you pretty far. But at least you're alive, and with a full bag of tricks. Take a few neccessary things from the nearby garbage, and visit Kyrandia again. Have fun!
GOG Digital ISO Demo v2.0.0.4 271.1MB (uploaded by hgdagon)
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Full Demo 32Mb (@ Abandonia)
Video Review
ISO Demo 466MB (uploaded by Egon68)
Budget Re-Release (Slash) ISO Demo 655MB (uploaded by Internet Archive Software Collection)
included in Westwood 10th Anniversary - EU Multi3 ISO Demo 508MB (uploaded by Internet Archive Software Collection)

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