Leisure Suit Larry 8: Magna Cum Laude High Voltage Software, Inc. / Vivendi Universal Games, Inc. 2004

Larry Lovage learned everything he knows from his uncle, Larry Laffer, the famous polyester-clad fellow who starred in the previous games. Young Larry finally makes it to college, the best place to meet and pick up girls. He finds them everywhere... in restaurants, night clubs, dormitories and at fraternity parties. All those scantilly clad, gorgeous babes! But, does Larry have half a chance to score with even one of them? Will he get a peek at what's underneath that braless, too-tight tank top? Larry's sexcapades include varied types of arcade mini-games. Some simply require good reflexes while others involve memory and/or correct timing. For instance, steer a little joker sperm through an obstacle course of flying objects, all the while trying to keep the "course" of the conversation on track. Or .. put the correct ingredients into a bar drink in order - and in the time allowed. Several of the games become more difficult as the game progresses. This action/adventure features three endings, over 20 locations, 3D graphics, and hilarious adult situations and conversations. Fans were disappointed in the lack of adventure elements and the absence any input and humor from the series creator, Al Lowe. A totally uncensored version was released a few months after the original release. Several of the girls appear naked and there are secret tokens found throughout the game which unlock even more "interesting" mini-games, loading screens and nude models if the player visits the right shop in-game.
Level Demo 211MB (uploaded by Game Pressure)
Uncensored Version
Uncut 4CD ISO Demo 2.37GB (uploaded by Shattered)
Uncut EU AlcoholClone 4CD ISO Demo 2.38GB (uploaded by Egon68)
Italian Uncensored DVD ISO Demo (speeches and texts) 1.97GB (uploaded by Vitali80)

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