Lode Runner Brøderbund Software, Inc. 1983

The Bungeling Empire has stolen a huge cache of gold from its rightful owners, and your mission is to infiltrate its treasury and recapture it. This entails progressing through 150 screens of platforms, ladders and ropes. The Empire has sent robotic guards down to protect the gold, and contact with any of these will cost you a life. Your method of escaping them is to press fire to dig a hole in their line of movement, thus causing them to fall in briefly, allowing you to move across the gap safely. Holes will eventually fill up after several seconds. An enemy will climb out of a hole quicker than the hole fills up but you can time it so the enemy falls in just as the hole is about to fill up which will cause the enemy to regenerate at top of map. Gold is sometimes buried so you have to dig to uncover it but also allow room to dig yourself through to an open space. Once all the gold has been collected, a ladder allowing you to move onto the next screen is added. Completing these screens often requires forward planning and precision. This was one of the earliest games to include a level editor, allowing the creation of new level designs with no programming skill. In 2006, ZX Games made a fan version with enhanced graphics, redeveloped controls, improved usability and 150 original levels.
2006 Enhanced Version Shareware Demo ( @ File Guru)
Enhanced Version
Browser-Playable Apple II Version ( @ Virtual Apple)
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Full Demo 49kb ( @ Juego Viejo)
Full Demos v1.0/v2.0/v3.0 151kb ( @ Abandonia)
Booter Image ISO Demo 54kb (uploaded by scaryfun)
Floppy Image ISO Demo (provided by basseta & upped by Scaryfun) 59kb

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