Lost City of Malathedra, The Ethereal Darkness 2008

In this point-and-click adventure heavily inspired by classics such as The Fate Of Atlantis, The Dig, and the Kings Quest series, players assume the role of a 26-year-old historian named Rebecca. When Rebecca receives a letter from her father, inviting her to join him in the Caribbean for an important discovery, she soon sets off for Culuco Island to join him in his quest for the legendary lost city of Malathedra. It is built on EDI's in house engine specifically designed to create games that take advantage of the latest 3D hardware capabilities while retaining a nostalgic feel and supporting modest system specs. Malathedra's advanced engine and classic focus appeals to both modern and retro adventure fans.
Level Demo 54MB (uploaded by Adventurespiele)
Full Demo 237MB (uploaded by scaryfun)

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