Lost Dutchman Mine 3D Attic Games 2004

Lost Dutchmans Mine 3D is a 3D adventure that involves you as an old timer trying to make his riches in the old wild west. Your adventure starts around Superstition Mountains of Arizona where you will have to survive thirst, hunger, rattlers, bandits and Indians to make your fortune. You can get rich by panning for gold, finding mines, or gambling Faro in the saloon bar, you can even have a drink to refresh you thirst. To help you along the way to find the Lost Dutchmans Mine you must collect 4 map stones. There is alot to this game than meets the eye as you have to keep your health up while making money but beware of the bandits and Indians that will rob you of your gold and could start a gun fight. Decisions must be made and made quickly when in the desert. Decide wisely and you could end up with your fortune.
Free Game v2.0 42.3MB (uploaded by Official Site)
Free Game v1.33 31.6MB (uploaded by Sunsite)
Free Game v3.01 Beta 53.8MB (uploaded by Rod Fisher)

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