Lost Mind Of Dr. Brain, The Bright Star Technology Inc / Sierra On-Line, Inc. 1995

This game is the third in the Dr. Brain series. Solve logic, math, and other puzzling conundrums designed to stress your brain. The game includes new puzzles, but you can play any one at any time, unlike previous versions, where you had to beat some puzzles before you could go to the next puzzle. There's hundreds of word and logic puzzles, memory and strategy games, problem-solving adventures, visualization and musical challenges - each at three levels of difficulty. The story is hokey but appealing: Dr. Brain has inadvertently transferred his mind into Rathbone, his laboratory rat. To reverse the brain drain - and win the game -players have to complete brain teasers in 10 different puzzle areas. In the Music Region, for example, kids have to unscramble mixed-up musical measures, flipping measures horizontally and vertically at the Expert and Genius levels of play. (For parents, it's a pleasure to hear substantial passages from classical composers in this musical memory game.) In the Motor Programming game, kids select a series of commands - and learn the rudiments of programming in the process - in order to maneuver around a maze.
ISO Demo 78MB (uploaded by Egon68)
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Full Demo with DOSBox 229MB (uploaded by The Collection Chamber)
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