Lunar Deep: The Adventure Below R.P. Corse / AncientRein 2006

There was an ancient race of peaceful people that once worshiped the moon. They were forced to flee for fear of persecution. They were an advanced race and moved deep underground. It was there that they created vast underground caverns, large enough to support the entire race. A life giving machine was created. It controlled the air, light, the weather and the seasons. After thousands of years the life giving machine has begun to fail. So many years have gone by no one can remember exactly how the machine works. As an act of desperation, small containers with messages have been sent to the surface in hopes of finding someone capable of repairing the great machine. As this ancient race of people wait, the lifeblood drains from their underground worlds and they can only hope the machine can be repaired in time. Lunar Deep is a first person point and click adventure game made with Adventure Maker. It has hundreds of pre-rendered screens and many animations. There's voice acting, sound effects and background music. It has many places to explore and a variety of puzzles including inventory, mechanical and brain teasers. A Special Edition released in 2017 is an updated version that includes: Realistic looking characters with animated lip-synching; Additional rooms and locations to explore; More inventory to gather and more puzzles to solve; Faster screen to screen movement; Additional story details; New animations; Multiple endings.
Level Demo ~54MB ( @ FileFront)
Full Demo (nothing ripped) (uploaded by Scaryfun & provided by nanette) 38MB

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