Magic Toyshop, The Gareth Rees 1995
This is another short-but-sweet game that features VERY clever mathematical and logic puzzles (you'd be amazed at how the various text-based graphics are created in this game). The premise is simple: you must solve the various puzzles and games set before you in a toyshop to select the perfect present for your niece. Puzzles are difficult but fair, although the final combination puzzle is IMHO impossible to solve except for astute mathematicians or logic puzzle enthusiasts. The Magic Toyshop also features some of the best ASCII puzzles ever seen in an IF.
Browser-Playable Updated Version (@ I-Fiction)
Full Demo (uploaded by IFDB)
Included in Best IF Games folder of: Infocom Universe Bootleg Full Demo (provided by Gr.Viper & uploaded by Molitor) 389MB

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