Mars Attacks! Mission Disks 1-3 Trendmasters 1996

Trendmasters made a line of toys for the Tim Burton movie Mars Attacks! The 4 inch figures only come in a blue box (comic book) variety. There's a Doom Spider (Martian inside a robot spider), a Doom Robot (Martian atop a giant robot) and a Martian Trooper (Martian with four robot/octopus arms). None of these talk but all three come with a Mars Attacks Mission Disk. Each disk has one of three IBM computer games on it; Mission of Doom, Martian Emergency, or Attack of the Killer Bugs. The blue box (comic book) Doom Saucer and the orange box (movie) Martian Flying Saucer also contained one of the three mission disks.
Mission Disk 1 Floppy Image ISO Demo 1MB (uploaded by Scaryfun)

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