Mask, The: The Origin MetroLight Studios / Cyber Comics / Cambrix Publishing 1994

Now see how the smash hit movie, The Mask, all began. The original comic book series springs to life in this interactive CD-ROM adventure produced by Academy Award-winning MetroLight Studios. When the unwitting Stanley Ipkiss presents his girlfriend Kathy with a mysterious mask possessing amazing powers, their lives are turned topsy-turvy. Catapulted into a comedic nightmare of madness and mayhem, they journey into the treacherous world of organized crime, crossing paths with the tough-talking Detective Kellaway who's got plans of his own for the mighty forces of The Mask. There's over 2 hours of original music, ear-splitting sound effects and feature film style dialogue. Hundreds of richly illustrated comic book images and interactive QuickTime Movies are also here, and you can meet a cast of over 50 colorful characters.
ISO Demo (provided by Hellsgate & uploaded by Scaryfun) 419MB

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