Master Of Dimensions Makh-Shevet / Eidos, Inc. 1996

The sorcerer Merlin is not only involved in mystical but also in physical things and journeys to other dimensions. One bad day he met the wizard of the fairyland. Since the two didn't particularly like each other, it finally came to a conflict ending with the fragmentation of Merlin's magic wand. The single parts were hidden in different dimensions - and Merlin's power was lost. A millennium later a boy coincidentally finds a dimension machine on the attic of his Grandpa: The hunt for the parts of the magic wand can begin. This is an adventure, using different elements of the genre: beside the classic point'n'click, movie passages (in the private eye dimension) à la Snatcher are offered, while switching to big screens is a style borrowed from French or Japanese productions. The latter takes place when important conversations are lead or viewing special items. Gamers realize in a "dramatic" way that this is the point players have to turn your attention to.
2CD ISO Demo 481MB (uploaded by
Full Demo with PCem Win95 emulator 529MB (uploaded by Internet Archive Software Collection)

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