Meet The Robinsons Avalanche Software / Disney Interactive Studios 2007

Disney's Meet the Robinsons, based on the Walt Disney Pictures animated film, is a time-traveling action/adventure game. Players experience the adventure as Wilbur Robinson, helping him chase the dastardly Bowler Hat Guy and his diabolical robotic hat Doris through multiple timelines in an attempt to thwart their evil plans. The game weaves in and out of the film's plot, expanding the Robinson world and offering an all-new adventure. Wilbur will have a host of gadgets at his disposal as he battles enemies and solves puzzles while pursuing Bowler Hat Guy and trying not to alter the future. Experience large-scale and stunning environments that expand the movie universe - fully explore the Robinson's House, Lewis's science fair, Lizzie's Ant Underworld and much more. Travel through time to alter the past and affect the future, interacting with the funny and distinct cast of characters from the movie. Utilize and upgrade the game's myriad cool gadgets in funny and clever ways, including the: Chargeball Glove, Disassembler, Scanner, Family Album, Havoc Gloves and Levitation Ray. Solve puzzles and complete missions, discovering hidden upgrades, new items, and adventure areas in an interactive environment. Play various Charge Ball mini-games and collect Virtual Reality discs to unlock new courts.
DVD ISO Demo 1.40GB (uploaded by Egon68)

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