Microsoft Multimedia Schubert: The Trout Quintet The Voyager Company / Microsoft Home 1993

As part of the Microsoft multimedia series on great composers, Multimedia Schubert: The Trout Quintet offers a comprehensive excursion into the world of Franz Schubert's music and inspirations. Narrated by National Public Radio commentator and music critic Alan Rich, the program brings fresh insight into the original song that inspired The Trout Quintet, historical and social background information, and reproductions of artwork that capture the spirit of the era. As with other titles in the series, a matching quiz tests your knowledge of various themes found throughout the music, with animated sequences as the reward for correct answers. The "Pocket Audio Guide" lets you listen to composition Die Forelle at any point, while "Inside Schubert" provides background on the composer's life and times. Compositions are divided into selectable sections by movement, including exposition themes, development, and recapitulation. It features artwork, charts, mini-games and more
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ISO Demo 367MB (uploaded by Old_Schooler)

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