Microsoft Musical Instruments Doring Kindersley Limited / Microsoft Home 1992

This is one of the titles of the Microsoft Exploration Series. Microsoft presents an educational application, telling about history of music and musical instruments. It's a wonderful way for children/students/adults to hear actual sounds from so many different musical instruments. A great teaching tool! The program is filled with more than 200 musical instruments. Investigate the sounds and shapes of instruments from around the world. MS Musical Instruments includes hundreds of photos and 1,500 sound samples. Experience 2,000 masterpieces in detail from one of the world's finest art collections. Learn the artist's technique and delve into detailed biographies. A Sound Box offers the chance to explore each instrument, including its scales and unique sounds. Illustrations explain the various parts of each instrument, such as the bridge, jack socket, scratchplate, strings, neck, fret, machine heads, body and pickups for a guitar. The material is divided into four easy-to-navigate sections entitled Families of Instruments, Instruments of the World, Musical Ensembles, and a full index of A-Z Instruments.
ISO Demo 305MB (upped by Old_Schooler)

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