Mission 9 WeMake CDs, Inc 1995

You are aboard the DSC Littrow, a spaceship with an attached cargo ship of the Pentland Mining Group. You are on your way to Processing Plant 3 in orbit of Helicon 4, but it won't be an easy journey. You will be hit by an asteroid and attacked by an alien vessel. Your main power conversion chamber will be damaged, so a new power cell is needed. With your scanners you will locate an alien planet, NPC-372, that has a compatible power source. After landing on the planet with your space tug, you have to find a way to enter a strange massive structure. The power cell is located deep below the structure and is guarded by a skull-like alien device. Only if you manage to bypass it and get the power cell, you will be will be able to continue your journey. Mission 9 is a 3rd person point and click space adventure. The player has to become familiar with the ship's compartments, learn to handle its computer, and search for various items, such as tools to repair damage or a space suit to be able to leave the ship. During the journey the player will get instructions by the ship's computer voice (no captions). Manoeuvring on the ship is done by clicking on the centre and the sides of the screen. Within the ship a tram can be used to go to the different locations. The game has no visible inventory, but by clicking on the left bottom corner a voice informs the player which inventory items have been collected. The saving system is unlimited.
ISO Demo 274MB (uploaded by Internet Archive Software Collection)

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