Mixed-Up Mother Goose Enhanced Sierra On-Line, Inc. 1992

This was Sierra's first ever CD-ROM title. It's a totally rewritten version of the original Mixed Up Mother Goose, featuring enhanced MIDI soundtrack, VGA graphics, complete digitized speech along with improved animations and a few other goodies. The rhymes, whose tune was played in the previous versions, were given voices, each of them being sung separately, with the appropriate actions accompanying the music. The interface was updated and became much easier and faster to navigate. The player was also given a map of the land, if he or she should ever feel lost in the nursery rhyme world. You can use it to instantly "warp" to any location previously visited, and there's also an autosave function. This edition came out as a CD version with full digital speech, and as a floppy version in which only the rhymes were digitally recorded. It was one of the very first games ever made specifically for CD-ROM distribution, although the whole game is only a few dozen megabytes long (most CD-ROM titles at the time were simply re-releases of floppy titles, with no enhancements).
Full Demo 5MB (uploaded by Abandonia)
ISO Demo 123MB (uploaded by scaryfun)
VGA Mixed-Mode DOS CD ISO Demo 433MB (uploaded by reynolds)

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