Moment Of Silence, The House of Tales Entertainment GmbH / The Adventure Company 2004

This game is a futuristic thriller set in a highly industrialized New York City. It is all adventure - featuring a traditional point and click interface, inventory objects, challenging puzzles of varied difficulty and type, over 35 speaking characters and 8 hours of conversation. Choices made during dialogs effect how other people react to your character. The game plays in wide-screen (letterbox) style and has fully rendered backgrounds with animations and full motion video cut-scenes. Your character, Peter Wright, wakes suddenly and, peeking through his front door, he witnesses a SWAT team bursting into his neighbor's apartment. His neighbor is arrested and taken away, leaving behind his wife and child. His willingness to help the family and his curiosity about the events leading up to the arrest will plunge him into a spine-tingling drama. Containing elements of both Blade Runner and Nightlong: Union City Conspiracy, The Moment of Silence pulls you into a world of corruption and sabotage. Many different experiences will confront Pete including following leads about alien conspiracies and terrorist threats, among others.
U.S. Teaser Demo ~147MB (@ Game Pressure) / UK Level Demo ~294Mb ( @ File Planet)
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4CD ISO Demo 2.36GB (uploaded by Egon68)

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