Montezuma's Revenge BCI Software / Parker Brothers 1984

You play as a treasure hunter named Panama Joe, whose goal is to find an ancient treasure hidden by Aztec warrior deep inside catacombs. But beware, the catacombs are a large maze inhabited by monsters. Bouncing and rolling skulls, dancing spiders, disappearing and re-appearing chains and tons of fire await you. You'll have to find many keys and unlock doors in order to reach your goal. Panama Joe can jump and climb ladders, but doesn't have much to offer in terms of combat. That's why the monsters in the game should be avoided: a collision with an enemy leads to a premature death. It's one of those early platform games that invent the whole new genre - in this case: treasure-hunting-puzzle-solving platform games. What makes Montezuma's Revenge so addictive is hard to describe - it's the combination of action, puzzle, devious level design, and innumerable additional touches. Black rooms, great sound effects, a large maze, disappearing platforms - it's a mother of a platform game, and a great one at that! Bad Mouse Digital Art made a free 3D remake with Blitz Basic engine for the 2006 Retro Remakes Competition which kept the spirit of the original game (and the level design is nearly the same as well), but created beautiful new graphics which combine 2D animation and 3D backgrounds. There is also an atmospheric soundtrack and five different difficulty levels (from "extremely easy" to "extremely hard").
Full Demo 15kb (@ XTC Abandonware)
Free 2006 Remake v1.2 11MB (uploaded by Internet Archive Software Collection)
Remake screenshots
Booter Image ISO Demo 24kb (uploaded by scaryfun)

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